Ask yourself these questions: "Who's watching your home and or business besides you? Ever wondered what's going on while you are away?"

Most other "professionals" require you to have a static IP address from your broadband provider. NOT US! We have the ability
and experience to set you up where you never have to pay Road Runner or DSL for for a static IP address!

For all your cctv security camera system needs, Secure Home Video LLC services clients throughout the Pee Dee Area.
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Residential Solutions

Have you ever wondered "what's going on at your home" while you are away?

As a part of a home surveillance camera system, security cameras are not only useful to protect your home from burglars and break-ins. This is a great way to monitor your kids. You may want to know what they are doing while you are not at home. This is especially useful for working parents where monitoring kids is not an easy task.

If you were lying in bed and heard a noise outside, wouldn't it be wonderful if you were able to flip a input channel on your TV and look at your driveway, backyard, or any other place that a security camera is viewing to see if there is a need for concern?

Here are some additional advantages of having a home surveillance security camera system:
•Monitor special activities in your home. For instance when you hire someone to clean your swimming pool or grounds maintenance.
•Remote viewing can be accomplished easily via a PC, MAC and most of today's smart-phones. No matter where you are the images or videos captured by the surveillance cameras can be viewed even if you are thousands miles away from your home via an internet connection. Keep an eye on your property while on vacation, traveling, and business trips.
•Here's another reason why a home surveillance camera system should be an integral part of your residential safety. Dangers could come from inside or outside of your house such as water flooding, fire threats, electrical shortages or dangers caused by bad weather. With the help of surveillance cameras you will always be able to know what is happening to your property and then take immediate action if required.

Elderly Option

Secure Home Video offers remote real-time video access to your "semi-independent" Family members by installing a digital video recorder and indoor/ outdoor cameras at their location. We will install the remote software on your computer so you will have the ability to view in real-time and playback recordings at your leisure. Our DVR's can also support 3-4G phone networks for smart phones such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows operating system based phones for remote "on-the-go" real-time viewing.

This is a great feature to ensure that your loved ones are o.k. There are no monthly monitoring fees. Just think of the sense of security this will give you and your Family members. Sometimes a phone call won't reach them in case of an emergency, but with this system you will have the ability to visually check-in to ensure their well-being or call for help to assist them.


We offer a FREE on-site consultation to evaluate the security camera installation project and determine your specific needs as well as the best affordable solution.
We will make the decision for what products to use based on the type of application you want to use the cameras for.


We specialize in residential and small commercial CCTV projects offering remote video surveillance security camera systems that can be accessed via your personal computer, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile OS +3G network phones. We offer affordable quality CCTV security products and installation for your home and small business. Servicing Georgia in the Atlanta and Athens areas.

  • Our Services include on-site consulting, design and professional installation by our well-trained installers.
  • We use a variety of CCTV security cameras and digital video recorder Products to tailor to your video solutions for your home and or commercial applications.
  • Our video surveillance camera systems offer exterior & interior coverage of your Residential home and or commercial building with optional Remote Access via your home network from a PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android & Window OS 3-4G network phones.
  • Do you have a semi-independent elderly Family member that you would like to have more reassurance & protection for? Please visit our Elderly Option page section for more information on how our security camera systems can help you.

Give yourself peace of mind by protecting your Family and Home and Business by installing one of our CCTV Security Camera Systems. We'll provide professional and timely installation.


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